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Made of the finest DuPont Solarmax nylon, they are specifically manufactured for outdoor use. One Year Colorfast Guarantee! Red will not turn orange and blue will not turn purple. Hello folks, me again. A quick discussion on spanking parties. Hey All :A question has been asked about the factory OEM exhaust system. The same hanger used on the left drivers side of the car ?. Just reversed ???This would cause the right tailpipe welded on bracket to be moved slightly. Yesterday came thunder & rain, then a sea of lupins. Today, one out watching trains with papa, the other swimming with daddy. Sun resting on the shoulders, curls of lavender-wafting incense rising towards the wide-flung window, eye to the viewfinder, freedom under the feet. A lovely Sunday to you! x. It's probably time that I start to show you some of my aprons that I have collected over the years. I'm going to start today with the most unusual in my collection and my most loved. This blog will most likely be used for the next Rhetoric assignment as long as student posting works flawlessly. Rad Jalopy. While the world focuses on events in Hong Kong and in the Middle East the dictatorship in Cuba heightens its repression and carries out political show trials with relative impunity. How did you get started in college counseling/admissions? Quite by accident, as is the case for many. I loved the varied nature of the job and the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people. What's your favorite admissions/counseling memory? Admissions lends itself to funny stories / war stories, particularly amidst travel seasons - probably too many to detail here. I do love reminiscing about those with former colleagues. If not working in admissions/college counseling, what else could you see yourself pursuing? For two years, I did try the world of marketing and business, and found that education was a much better fit. I actually don't ever see myself straying from this field. Hi everyone. I chose this topic for my first blog post, because you cannot survive the obnoxiously hot and humid Japanese summer without air conditioner. You think it is a bit too early to use an air conditioner? Well, maybe.

But you'll use it sooner or later.

Look at your remote.

Learn to decipher the air conditioner terms now and get yourself ready, so that you can avoid the risk of pressing the "暖房(heating)" button on a steamy hot day. 運転 : turn on 停止 : turn off 冷房 : cool mode 暖房 : heater mode 送風 : fan only ドライ : dry mode 温度 : temperature 風量 : fan volume 風向 : fan direction 入タイマー : power ON timer 切タイマー : power OFF timer 取消 : cancellation. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement brought Sheriff Rick Ramsay up to date today in their ongoing investigation into the in-custody death of Clifford Greene. The preliminary toxicology report from the Medical Examiner’s office indicates a high level of cocaine present in Greene’s blood. Greene was being transported to jail in the back of a Sheriff’s Office patrol vehicle when he had what appeared to be a seizure. Deputy Thomas Hill, who was driving the patrol car, immediately stopped and rendered aid to Greene, but Greene subsequently died at Mariner’s Hospital.

Deputy Hill reported finding a cellophane bag in Greene’s mouth with a white powdery substance in it.

The bag was recovered and is being tested at an FDLE lab in Fort Myers. “All of the information I have is consistent with an accidental overdose of cocaine,” said Sheriff Ramsay. “I have reviewed the audio and video evidence and I have not seen or heard any indication there was a struggle of any kind in the apprehension, arrest, or transport of Mr. My favorite fish recipe:Credits: Being Me by Gina Marie Huff from Weeds & Wildflowers Design available at WeedsAndWildflowersDesigns. He saw the handwriting on the wall and had enough money in the bank and a mansion in Marin to take a hike. He was shrewd and crude too and built up a wall of enemies. "He was the most difficult, mean-spirited, asshole I've ever dealt with," said a former KGO host who asked that I not use their name. Well! I mentioned in my last post that we just got a new barbecue. I've been reading everyone's blogs about grilling. and all of Jess' perfect grill marks. I have been having fun learning how to use it. So that leads to the first of my special recipe requests. Hooray - weather as it should be. Lepidoptera: A range of species but still very low numbers. Meadow Brown, Red Admiral, Peacock and Chimmney Sweeper were seen in ones or twos. Meanwhile, Al-Nur, the ultraconservative party representing followers of the fundamentalist Salafi brand of Islam, said it was launching a conference to promote the industry in the Egyptian southern city of Aswan. The industry is a key money earner and source of foreign currency. Islamist parties won a crushing victory in the first stage of parliamentary elections which wrapped up last week, leading to fears they might impose strict Islamic law that could scare off Western holidaymakers. .

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