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Sans Digital EliteSTOR ES216X6+BS - 2U 16 Bay 2.5"""" 6G SAS/SATA to SAS JBOD with SAS Expander Rackmount

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Sans Digital EliteSTOR ES216X6+BS - 2U 16 Bay 2.5"""" 6G SAS/SATA to SAS JBOD with SAS Expander Rackmount - Manufacturer: Sans Digital - Mfg Part Number: ES216X6+BS - Condition: New - Packaging: Retail...
"Sans Digital ES216X6+BS,739410734785,Sans Digital EliteSTOR ES216X6+BS - 2U 16 Bay 2.5"" 6G SAS/SATA to SAS JBOD with SAS Expander Rackmount"

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